pg-generator / GeneratorOptions

# Interface: GeneratorOptions

Options for generation and reverse engineering process. Options extends pg-structure options (opens new window)

# Properties

# clear

Optional clear: boolean

Whether to clear the destination directory before creating files.

Defined in: types/index.ts:7

# context

Optional context: Record<string, any>

Extra context data. This data is merged with and overridden by data from context file.

Defined in: types/index.ts:13

# contextFile

Optional contextFile: string

Path to a JSON or JS file providing extra context for templates.

Defined in: types/index.ts:11

# log

Optional log: boolean

Whether to log output to console.

Defined in: types/index.ts:15

# outDir

Optional outDir: string

Path of the output directory.

Defined in: types/index.ts:9