# Objection

This template is in alpha stage. Feedback needed.

# Usage

Create template and model files:

$ pgen template objection-alpha -t objection-alpha-template
$ pgen exec objection-alpha-template -d our_crm -u user -p tOpSeCrEt -t model

In your application:

const knex = require("knex");
const { model, init } = require("./model/index");

const credentials = {
  client: "pg",
  connection: {
    host: "localhost",
    user: "user",
    password: "password",
    database: "my_database",


  .then(function (companies) {
  .catch(function (error) {

# Features & Targets (Some are not implemented yet):

  • Generated model files are as similar as possible to official Objection documents.
  • Created files are static and transparent. They are not used to create models dynamically. So debugging and seeing what is generated is very easy for humans.
  • Documented,
  • Tested,
  • No Dependencies on generated files,
  • Multi schema support,
  • One to many relation support (hasMany and belongsTo),
  • Many to many relation support (belongsToMany),
  • Inter-schema relation support. (i.e. public.account table to other_schema.cutomer table),
  • Default smart naming of models and relations,
  • Very easy to override auto generated files,